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Cosmetology Program

Program Hours: 1,250 hours


Full-time Schedule: Monday- Friday 9am-5:00pm

Full-time Expected Completion: 8.5 Months

Part-time Schedule: Monday- Friday 5:30pm-9:30pm

Part-time Expected Completion: 16 Months


Express your creativity and talent in the haircare, skincare, nailcare and makeup artistry industry. Our Cosmetology Program incorporates 1250 hours of extensive and up-to date hands-on training and interactive and well-organized theory practices. Your education will encompass different types of learning practices, theoretical knowledge, the foundation of your education, hands-on experience, and repetition of application to test your knowledge. Upon completion, students will be well prepared for state licensure and will flourish in this thriving professional career.


We offer a diverse and effective learning experience, all topic areas are taught with the use of textbooks, audio/visual aids, Power Point presentations, flip charts, demonstrations, lecture, as well as hands-on application. 

Curriculum Content

Course units required by the Pennsylvania State of Cosmetology and the number of hours associated with each area listed below



Professional Practices

Bacteriology, Disinfection, Sanitation             

Professional Attitude                                         

Business Practices                                             

PA Cosmetology Law                                         

Recommended Hours = 50hrs                         







Cosmetic Dermatology

Recommended Hours: 200hrs



Cosmetology Skills- Cognitive and Manipulative

Shampooing and Conditioning           

Hair Shaping                                           

Hair Styling/Fingerwaving                 

Chemical Texturizing                           

Permanent Waving                               

Hair Coloring                                         

Hair Straightening                                                               

Skin Care                                                            

Nail Technology          

Temporary Hair Removal

Scalp Treatment 

Care of all hair types and textures


Recommended Hours: 1,000hrs

Total Hours: 1,250hrs

Grading Procedures

Your progress at Walk with Scissors will be evaluated on the basis of classroom work, homework assignments, chapter tests, exams, model program, daily clinic practical experiences, mannequin practical work, projects, and a final written and practical exam for each level. Academic reports are given at the end of each level.


100 - 93   A

92 - 83   B

82 - 70   C

69 - below   F


A: Excellent

B: Very Good

C: Satisfactory

F: Failing

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